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Hats ON for Progeria

What is Progeria?

Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome “Progeria” or “HGPS” is a rare, fatal genetic condition characterized by an appearance of accelerated aging in children*.  Its name is derived from Greek and means "prematurely old."  While there are different forms of Progeria*, the classic type is Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome, which was named after the doctors who first described it in England: in 1886 by Dr. Jonathan Hutchinson, and in 1897 by Dr. Hastings Gilford.

* Other Progeroid syndromes include Werner syndrome, also known as “adult progeria” which does not have an onset until the late teen years, with a lifespan into the 40’s and 50’s. Click here for information on Werner Syndrome

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What can you do to help children with Progeria?

  • Make a financial contribution. Donations are needed to continue the vital work of PRF.  No donation is too little or too big – every dollar counts in our quest for a cure! Online donations are accepted on the PRF Ways to Donate page.

  • Buy some cool gear. Click Here.
  • Donate your time. Volunteers are also important to PRF’s success.  Hold a special event like a bake sale or letter writing campaign; translate documents for the families; help with a mailing – we’ll find something for you to do that fits your schedule, location and talents! Visit the PRF Get Involved page to see all the ways you can help.
  • Donate in-kind services or items. Do you own a printing or office supply business? Are you a computer whiz that can help with our Twitter, Facebook, web site and/or other on-line presence?  Do you have a business background in non-profit development?  These are just some of the many types of talents and connections PRF needs. The more tasks PRF can get accomplished on a pro bono basis, the more money we can devote to research!
  • Spread the word and tap into your connections. Do you know anyone who can help? Tell your friends, family and colleagues about PRF and the amazing work PRF doing! Many times, people are more likely to donate to an organization if they’ve gotten a recommendation from someone they know. So put in a good word for PRF and tell everyone to visit the PRF web site at, follow PRF on Twitter, “like” PRF on Facebook, and contact PRF at