Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating

Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating

Mr. Slim Diamond Contracting Systems from KEIL: Redefining Comfort

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Comfort is a concept many of us notice only when we're either uncomfortable or very relaxed. But at KEIL, all we think about is comfort. Our industry-leading Mr. Slim split-ductless cooling and heating systems reflect this thinking.

Maybe your home has a room that's always too hot or too cold. Or, perhaps, you're looking for a way to precisely control the climate in multible rooms in your home. No matter what your cooling and heating needs may be, Mr. Slim systems are the perfect way to transform your home into a tranquil environment.

Ductless House

In this day of energy conservation and cost consciousness, it's nice to know there's still an economical way to invest in a comfort system... even if installing ductwork is impractical or impossible.

A ductless split systems provide both heating and cooling since they are full functioning heat pumps which requires only a small hole in an outside wall to run lines for refrigerant and electricity between the indoor and outdoor unit and to drain the condensate, thus eliminating expensive renovation work for duct installation.

Here at KEIL we continually strive to increase customer awareness and knowledge of the solutions, products, and services we offer. KEIL is a member of the Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer Alliance. Mitsubisi Diamond Dealers have reached the highest level of accreditation from Mitsubisi Electric HVAC Division.


KEIL is Proud to be a
Mr. Slim Diamond Contractor

Mr. Slim Split-Ductless: Cooling and Heating Pumps

Small Size, Big Performance

While all of our KEIL Mr. Slim units are compact and lightweight, M-Series air conditoners and M-Series heat pumps were designed specifically for tight spaces. But don't be fooled. the powerful M- Series delivers plenty of cool air to the right places. And unlike window units. Mr. Slims's small size, color, and mounting poistion make it blend in well.

Standard Features:

  • Quiet Operation: Less noise that an old window unit means you'll sleep easy with Mr. Slim
  • Ductless Technology: No need for major construction and hassles. Mr. Slim in installed quickly and easily.
  • Zone Control: Cool and heat only those spaces you want for maximum control and energy efficiency.
  • Microprocessor controls: Advanced controls keep you comfortable no matter what the conditions are outside.
  • Wireless Remote Controller: Mr. slim offers comfort control in the palm of your hand. Press a button, and superior air conditioning is yours.
  • Washable Filters: Saves money because you clean filters instead of replacing them.

Mr. Slim's wireless remote contoller allows you to operate the Mr.Slim indoor unit from across the room. KEIL combines technology and practical sensibility to offer this convenience. Further explanation of this feature is found in the Operations Manual.

Sleek, contemporary styling of the indoor unit allows for a stylish appearance and easy cleaning. Best of all, a wireless remote control allows you to take total control of your comfort and provides you with programmable time and temperature control.

For homes or offices with other modes of heating, (such as baseboard electric or hot water heat) the simplicity of the ductless system allows full house or room by room cooling comfort.

A ductless split air conditioner is similar to a central system because the compressor is outdoors. A major benefit that ductless systems offer is Zone Control (only the energy to meet the load demand of each room or zone is required at any time). Zone Control results in energy savings. Ductless split systems also have two advantages over window-mounted room air conditioners:

  • Security – a ductless split system doesn't require an open window
  • Aesthetics – you won't lose your window for fresh air or viewing

Ductless split air conditioner systems have revolutionized indoor climate control for the home and office, because the flexibility and problem solving capabilities of these systems limit the potential uses only to the imagination of the user. Ductless systems are actually heat pumps which can deliver both heating and cooling to provide comfort all year long!

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