High Velocity Air Conditioning

High Velocity Air Conditioning

Mini Duct High Velocity Air Conditioning & Heating System

...give your home added character:

Your home is a reflecting of your personality: having it be unique is no reason to sacrifice comfort. With quiet operation and installation in confined spaces such as basements or utility rooms. KEIL's High Velocity Air Conditioning brings Central air into any home without sacrificing its charm. It can also provide a unique heating solution in addition to central air.

  • Be comfortable using less energy
  • Avoid major renovation, yet enjoy an all-new home
  • Breathe fresh life into your indoor air

Little or No Remodeling is Needed

High Velocity ACOur High Velocity System fits where other conventional cooling and heating systems can't - with little or no remodeling required! The modular air handlers and coils can be installed easily into attics, ceilings, crawlspaces and closets.

The flexible mini-ducts can be routed through existing ceiling, floor and wall cavities, eliminating the need for unsightly and noisy metal ductwork. From cathedral ceilings to open floor plans, KEIL's active air circulation system makes it ideal for cooling any kind of architecture. Its delivery system does not require large ductwork and you can choose where the air will enter the room, ensuring aesthetic integrity. Super quiet design installs in unconventional spaces, even in homes with no existing ductwork. Retains the original architectural style of your home. Actively circulates the air via small outlets mounted in the wall, floor, or ceiling: ideal for homes with baseboard or cast iron         radiators.

High Velocity AC is Draft-Free, Even Temperatures and Virtually Invisible

Virtually InvisibleOur High Velocity System works on the principle of aspiration. Unlike conventional systems, which often leave hot and cold spots as well as drafts throughout the home or building, High velocity streams of air enter a room and gently mix with the room's existing air currents. From floor to ceiling, air temperatures are even and drafts are eliminated. Whisper quiet operation, and a variety of aesthetically pleasing outlets that may be placed in ceilings, on walls or on the floor to complement any room decor. So why battle the heat with cumbersome room fans or unsightly and noisy window air conditioners? Experience the total comfort of central air conditioning with a KEIL system. It just may be the coolest thing you've ever done for your home.

No gutting requiredVelocity Systems Require No Gutting!

The mini duct-work of the KEIL system is so small and flexible- one-third the size of conventional sheet metal ducting- that it fits right into the existing construction of your home, weaving through ceilings, walls and floors. Use the KEIL systems and you won't have to compromise your home's architectural integrity with soffits, dropped ceilings, or other unsightly additions.

The KEIL System distributes air through flexible, small-diameter tubes that are designed for active circulation that prevents dust and mold from collecting in the passages.

Removes 30% More Moisture

Our high velocity system provides an excellent degree of comfort. Air in a high velocity system is passed directly over the evaporator coils at a colder temperature 28° to 30°F colder for a high velocity system compared to 15° to 17°F for conventional systems. With this unique difference, our high velocity system removes 30% more moisture in the cooling mode than conventional systems. You'll enjoy fresh, pure air and feel more comfortable, even when high humidity is a factor.

High Velocity Air Conditioning Matches Any Décor

Outlets in our high velocity system are small and subtle. You can choose to install the outlets in the ceilings, walls or floors. To allow you to choose a look that best suits your decorating tastes, four outlet styles are available. You can also choose a wooden finish or plastic finish - and choose to paint or stain the outlet to match the coloring of your room. Once installed, the outlets blend into any décor.

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