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Coronavirus Precautions
at KEIL Heating and Air Conditioning
Regarding Safety:
At KEIL Heating and Air Conditioning, safety is very important. For your peace of mind, when our techs come into your home, they are equipped with nitrile gloves and disinfectant products that they use before and after they are done working.
As part of our safety procedures, the tech will use disinfectant wipes on surfaces that are frequently handled such as thermostats and switches and spray Lysol disinfectant spray where needed, such as in kitchens and bathrooms.
If you have sensitivities to these products, please let us know.
It is also important that we do not transport the virus from one home to another.
Therefore, we will need to determine if a visit to your home will present a COVID-19 risk. Here are the questions you can expect to be asked:
  • Have you had contact with a person who has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus disease?
  • Does anyone living in your house have any of these symptoms: a fever, a recent onset cough, difficulty breathing, or other acute respiratory symptoms?
  • Is anyone living in your house under quarantine?
If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then providing service at your home could put the service technician and subsequent customers at risk and we want to take the proper precautions necessary.
Regarding your scheduled visit and your peace of mind.
Your peace of mind is important to us. Therefore, in the current circumstances it is understandable if you wish to postpone scheduled visits. Just give us a call!
Across the country, life at home is being greatly affected by the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. In order to successfully navigate the current situation, it is important for us to create and implement a strategy and—most importantly—to communicate it clearly with our employees and our customers.
There are prudent steps that we are taking to reduce any disruption to those of you depend on us for your home’s comfort and your personal safety and well-being.
Our technicians will continue to be available to you 24 hours per day via telephone to assist you in any way they can over the phone with rectifying your specific problem.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you going forward.