Gas Generator Maintenance

Annual Preventative Gas Generator Maintenance

Annual Preventative Gas Generator Maintenance

Ensure the Comfort and Safety of Your Home & Family

All stand-by generators require periodic preventative maintenance, typically at two years or 200 hour run time intervals, whichever occurs first. Maintenance is highly recommended by the Generac/Honeywell to insure long term trouble free operation and validity of the warranty. Early detection can help you identify small problems before they become major repair costs. Generac/Honeywell recommends all service and maintenance be performed by a Trained Authorized Dealer, such as KEIL.

Included in a KEILClub Membership is an annual inspection and maintenance service of your generator. There is nothing better for the efficiency and long term operation of this system than annual preventative maintenance. Benefits of annual maintenance on your system include:

  • Works at peak efficiency when you need it!
  • Experiences considerably fewer breakdowns overall

KEIL's Preventative Maintenance Inspection Program Includes:

  • Review Generator System Operation with Homeowner
  • Replace Spark Plugs and Insure Proper “Gap” on Each
  • Verify Proper Operation of Wireless Controller – Check Batteries
  • Replace Engine Air Filter with Manufacturer Approved Filter
  • Check Transfer Switch for Proper Sequential Operation
  • Change Oil with Synthetic 5W-30 (Manufacturer Recommended)
  • Check Flexible Fuel Line Connections for Any Leaks
  • Replace Oil Filter with Manufacturer Recommended Filter
  • Check Hard Pipe Fuel Line Connections for Any Leaks
  • Check Battery Terminals for Corrosion and Clean as Needed
  • Check Gas Meter Connections for Any Leaks
  • Check Battery Cables for Connection, Cracks and Corrosion
  • Inspect Area Around Generator for Brush Encroachment
  • Check Battery “State of Charge” Using a Hygrometer
  • Check that Generator is Level in Both Directions
  • Check Battery Electrolyte Level, Add Distilled Water to Top Off
  • Clean Supply and Exhaust Cooling Enclosure Louvers
  • Check Battery Charger for Proper Operation
  • Check Current Oil Levels and Inspect for any Oil Leaks
  • Check All Internal Electrical Connections
  • Check for Excessive Vibration During Operation
  • Wash and Wax Exterior of Cabinet
  • Check for Excessive Sound Levels During Operation
  • Check for Proper Drainage Below and Around Unit
  • Check Voltage and Hertz Output – With and Without Load
  • Test Operation of System and Review Findings with Homeowner

Mobile Link Remote Monitoring:

KEIL will install your new generator complete with a remote monitoring system. If your generator is installed by someone else, we strongly recommend adding a Mobile Link to your system any way! With this, you and KEIL can keep tabs on every aspect of your generator, 24 hours a day and if you like you can too! With Mobile Link you can monitor your generator on a smart phone, tablet or computer. If your generator needs an oil change, maintenance, service or any type of attention we will know immediately. Even if you are away on business or a vacation KEIL will be informed that your generator needs attention and we can take care of it even in your absence.

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